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Fiddle repertoire collection

Author and editor: Krista Sildoja 2010



Fiddle music collection „Estonian fiddle“ assembles the best of Estonian traditional fiddle repertoire. Both the descriptions of the origin of the fiddle pieces as well as notes, audio and video files are available for those interested.


This is a web page that is constantly being upgraded so that the content builds it up step by step. The author and editor of the present collection is an etno-musicologist, fiddle player and music teacher Krista Sildoja whose long term interest in folk music is expressed through this publication.


The publication of the collection is supported by Estonian Cultural Endowment. The page is kept up by Raivo Sildoja Pillitöökoda. Cooperation partners of the author are the Archive of Estonian Folklore in the Estonian Literary Museum the collection of which the present fiddle music compilation is based on.



Structure of the collection

  • Fiddle tunes (Viiulipalad) – contains all violin pieces in the order of entry in the collection, newer pieces on top
  • Fiddle tunes by category (Viiulipalad kategooriate järgi) – instrumental pieces have been categorised according to different features: type of music, performer and their origin, recording, archive reference, collector and the year of collection, key, who wrote down the notes, data of the note publication
  • Estonian fiddle music (Eesti viiulimuusika) – short articles about Estonian fiddle music will be published here
  • Research on fiddle music (Viiulimuusika-uurimused) gives and overview of the research published/written in Estonian about Estonian traditional fiddle music
  • Publications (Väljaanded) – contains information on publications that have notes of Estonian fiddle music
  • Contemporary fiddle players (Kaasaegsed viiuldajad) contains modern creative examples suitable for the present collection
  • Arrangements of fiddle music (Viiulimuusika seaded) – consists of audio, video and note files of modern arrangements where the performers follow the example of old fiddle tunes
  • Videos (Videod) – we have gathered video links of modern fiddle players who have been inspired by old fiddle tunes


How to use the collection

  • The collection is available to everybody interested free of charge
  • Each instrumental piece has notes as well as an audio example; notes are schematic – everything characteristic has to be found in the recording
  • For each piece the information about its performer, origin, etc. has been indicated as precisely as possible
  • It is possible to print the pieces by opening the .pdf file – thus everybody can compile a suitable music book on paper for themselves


Printed/downloaded notes, audio and video files are for personal use and for learning only; on other cases please contact the author of the collection

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© Viiulimuusika repertuaarikogumik "EESTI VIIUL" Autor: Krista Sildoja, kontakt: krista(ät)